This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mas Sabe El Diablo...muy diferente, pero me gusta.

For my telenovela, I have been watching Mas Sabe el Diablo, which is quite the perfect case of the reverse Cinderella, but at the same time, very different. It isn't your typical novela rosa because it is about this guy, named Angel, who at the beginning of the novela is in jail for robbery and involvement with drugs. No one has faith that he can change his life around, except for one person, his lawyer Manuela. After her testimony at his hearing, they let him out. Also in the first episode, it shows the story behind Angel's mother, who had Angel when she was 16. She was a maid at a rich family's house in Mexico City, and slept with the son whose name is Martin. Of course, she gets pregnant and Martin doesn't want the kid. For school, Martin goes to New York and Esperanza, Angel's mother tries to follow him there. Later on in the novela, we find out that Martin is actually Manuela's (Angel's lawyer) fiance. Of course, just like in the normal novela, Manuela and Angel fall in love and of course, he becomes mortal enemies with Martin who is actually his father. I can't wait to see more of the story. It seems even better than the typical novela, there are so many connections and so much drama. I love it :)