This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marisa Roman

For my last blog post, I wanted to share my favorite part of the semester. By far, my favorite class was when we skyped Marisa Roman. I had really enjoyed watching Marisa play Veronica and Maria Suspiro in Cosita Rica, so when Dr. A told us she was going to skype with our class, I was looking forward to seeing what she was like. Our conversation with Marisa completely exceeded my expectations. There are few actresses in America who I admire because of both their looks AND personality. Marisa definitely has both. Her hilarious sense of humor, natural confidence and welcoming personality made our whole class fall in love with her.

Throughout our conversation with her, I appreciated her honesty and sincerity, and it was neat to see and understand the entire picture of her life as an actress. Even while we were talking with her, she was drinking this healthy oatmeal shake. I found it really interesting when she explained the task of taping scenes TWICE in Cosita Rica ( I don't know why I didn't think of this- since Maria and Veronica are twins after all). She spent a lot of time explaining how the cast members in scenes with the twins would dread having to tape scenes twice, but I'm sure it was just as exhausting for her to tape these scenes over and over and over again (playing Maria a couple of times, and then Veronica). Switching gears back and forth is not an easy task, and Marisa was able to successfully play that role.

Thank you, Marisa, for speaking with our class! You kept us laughing the entire time.