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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ana Colchero: Love of my Life
As has everybody in this class, I too have fallen in love with a star from the telenovela which I studied. Her name is Ana Colchero, and she played the part of Camila de Los Reyes in Nada Personal. Nada personal was known for its life-like depiction of Mexican society, the plot dominated by a story of police corruption, which caused the brutal assassination of Camila's father and sister. Camila de los Reyes captured my heart with her tender, yet courageous attempt at seeking vindication. I was happily watching my resumenes one day when all of the sudden the woman Luis Mario and Alfonso were competing for was no longer Ana Colchero at all, but a different actress altogether.
So I looked up what the heck had happened, found out Colchero had quit in a contract dispute, and decided right then and there to dump her and never call her back.
However, when I was looking through the posts which were uploaded before Friday's deadline, I saw a picture of her from Corazon Salvaje, and I was trapped in her web again. I decided to further research what she had done with her life, and found the results no less than astonishing, and my love for her was eternally cemented. After doing many several successful telenovelas as a leading lady, and then quitting the only one I watched (what I then interpreted as a classic bitch move) I found out that she no longer acts at all, and has dedicated her time and money to helping various honorable causes; many of which seem to mimic the authentic humane attitude she portrayed in Nada Personal (she swore off a life of riches to live in a poor barrio with people she loved and respected instead of with her no longer trustworthy family). Colchero's causes include: living among and fighting for the rights of the indigenous people of Chiapas, protesting innocent narcotraffic deaths in Ciudad Juarez, and fighting for women's rights in Mexico. Clearly I misread your intentions. Ana, I'm sorry I got mad at you when you quit Nada Personal, I just couldn't bear your absence. It was "nothing personal." Things were said, bridges were burned, and I lost the only telenovela star I ever loved. Please take me back.
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  1. Scott,

    I want know how you feel about Ana Colchero after you learned the story about why she left Nada Personal. I personally approve/support the network's decision to "ask" her to leave. You?

  2. Oh, it's 05:00 in the morning in my place and I just started thinking about this actress that "died" during the shooting of a scene from "Nada Personal" and I thought about researching through the internet to find something about how it happened and yet I found out that she is alive!!! Is that not strange?! I am very glad, though. Can me help finding out why I thought so? I seem to remember that this is what I read in the subtitles in my own language, was it a mistranslation? Btw, I am from Europe...