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Monday, April 4, 2011

Is vanity the real disease?

While watching La Mujer perfecta I've begun to notice how much the vanity of OTHERS can affect your self image. This novela depicts women striving for perfection and striving to be as "beautiful" as the most vain women in their community, so much so that they're willing to undergo drastic surgeries and even commit or attempt to commit crimes in the name of vanity. I found this interesting because to an extent you can witness similar problems amongst women in our society. For example take young girls in middle school for example, where it all begins. Image in a perfect world not a single vain young girl walked into that school chances are none of the other girls would become vain. There are many women who think at first that they're fine as they are and it's not until OTHER girls start to talk about ho perfect your hair, your skin or your body should be that they start to question their own and start to wonder what perfect is. the problem with this is that no one will ever be viewed as perfect by EVERY other individual because everyone has different preferences and perceptions of perfect. So these girls are left striving for an ultimate perfection that will never exist. This vanity seems almost like a disease that is passed down through the generations, perhaps this is our ultimate sin or better yet perhaps the ultimate punishment for sin. Ultimately vanity seems to do nothing but destroy everyone who comes it contact with it. Only the lucky few who are blind to the ways of this twisted social order, like Micaela, could potentially be safe from this epidemic. Perhaps this means that people such as Micaela, are the only truly perfect people out there ironically considering that her disorder (asberger's syndrome) would be the very reason that many might see her as imperfect. Because Micaela doesn't have the same view and understand of social order she doesn't experience the same temptations at least not as strongly, she doesn't feel the same sense of lust she doesn't feel the strong desire to steal, lie or kill and she doesn't feel the pressure to seek "perfection" at any means necessary. Maybe "imperfection" is the only way to achieve "perfection"

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