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Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming to the end and wanting more

I can't believe this class is coming to an end soon. Not because I am graduating in May (unfortunately), but also because I had no idea it was going to affect me in this way. Its not like I'm gonna tune into Univision and watch a telenovela night in and night out, BUT now that we have been working on our consumption projects my group member's telenovelas look soooo cool I need to watch em. I'm gonna start watching some that are online as condensed versions. I still think telenovelas run a bit long but the stories are so captivating! My grandma always watched them when I was a kid and I had to also since it was the only TV in the house, it was always a chore. Since then I always thought, "oh yea, telenovelas, that's my grandma's thing," well move over G-ma, because it's my thing now too!
For too long she has hogged these dramatic masterpieces, and it took a class in college to reel me in when I could've been watching these all along!?! Full disclosure, I took this class half-jokingly because I never thought we could go so in-depth with telenovelas beyond the sometimes shady acting, but boy did we ever. I still am anti-rosa, but hook me up with a ruptura and I'm hooked, a story with a message/lesson, that's what I need.
My next endeavor is watching Cosita Rica, I mean come on, sticking it to Chavez via entertainment...genious!!! La Mujer Perfecta also intrigues me because 1. I love mujeres and 2. the thought of women thinking they must be perfect blows my mind! Ladies, I don't discriminate, stop with the fake, all natural is better. Stop being so skinny, a little thick looks healthier and way hotter.
Yes, JRLC 5060 has opened my eyes to a medium of entertainment I seldom glanced at, gracias Dr. A.

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  1. I'm the same as you, telenovelas rosas cannot hold my attention, but I really love raptura telenovelas!
    Some of the novelas we studied really made me want to start watching them. Especially Reina del Sur and La Mujer Perfecta. I wish they were aired on TV!