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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Greater Appreciation

As we begin to wind down our semester together as a class, I must say that this class taught me more than I expected. Yes, I knew that we would learn about the craft of telenovelas and their importance to the Latino community, but I didn't expect to become so attached to my recent in-depth knowledge of telenovelas to the point that I would be willing to share what I know with others who I'm sure could care less. I feel as though I have discovered something that no one knows about, partly because those in my social circle have either never seen or heard of telenovelas. While I have attempted to watch a telenovela or two in my past, I was never fully aware of its impact on the lives of others.

I can now say that I understand all of the hard work put into the production of telenovelas, especially those that lack a significant budget, yet are still able to work with what they have and the final result doesn't look half as bad as an American soap opera. I also realize the love and passion put into writing the script for a telenovela, especially those involving real life issues. It takes a lot of skill to incorporate a story plot around actual events and emotions as seen in the production of "Cosita Rica", where the reactions surrounding Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez are a major part of the entire production.

I hope more Americans will develop a better appreciation for telenovelas like I have. It's important to experience other cultures and with television being one of Americans favorite pastimes, watching a telenovela is a great start.

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