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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to be like Mia Colucci- A Must-Read??

Click on the link above and I bet you will laugh and think "Is this real?!" just like I did. The article is titled "How to be like Mia Colucci" and is posted on WikiHow, the how-to manual website that you can edit. It looks like this article was created and edited by about 5 people- both with girl and boy names. Steps to being like Mia include being a good friend (?), wearing mini skirts with ankle boots (fairly accurate) and keeping a close relationship with your father(?). There a few things wrong with these statements. First of all, gossiping incessantly and making girls your "projects" does not fall under the definition of a good friend. Also, having a close relationship with your father should be specified that that does not mean using your father for money. ( I realize I may be being very blunt here.) This website gives the bare bones of how to be like Mia, and most all of the steps focus on appearance and beauty. At the very end of the article, it warns readers that a)being too conceited and spoiled is annoying, b) don't be mean to be people and c) don't boss your friends around. Yes, these warnings are all great points- but leaving them at the end makes them hard to see.

Read the article and let me know what you all think! Take note of the ad on the right that says "Lose a little weight each day through this old trick".

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