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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fin, Al Estilo Padron

First off let me start by stating that I loved this class. I wish we could've hung out at Dr. A's house earlier in the semester and grown closer as a class (you know set up downtown hang outs and 90's dance offs and even better Casa Mia salsa night). Loved it. Now to the topic at hand.
When we were watching the finales I was convinced nothing would top my "Sin Tetas" finale (yes I am a bit biased) but Padron blew me out of the water. How does one guy think of such cool scripts and then somehow even cooler finales. The thing that was awesome it that they were all so different and creative.
The one where the young man was the Master of Ceremonies of sorts at the theater was amazing! How do you cast a kid that is that good of a public speaker!? The one shot finale from La Vida Entera was nothing short or brilliant. Sure the actors did fantastic but that crew worked it to perfection all in one shot, that takes extreme precision and teamwork. The only one that kind of threw me off was the Ciudad Bendita one since it was a bit more "traditional" than the others. But given the fact that an actor had just passed away I am amazed everyone was able to pull it together and finish the drill, I don't know if I could have done the same given the short amount of grieving time allotted.
But to give props where props is due, La Mujer Perfecta finale was the best overall. The message of both autism and the obsession with beauty was clear and necessary. This was another one where the casting was perfect. The daughter was not only adorable, to the point where if I saw her I may or may not have to take her and raise her as my own with Marisa Roman (it's not as creepy as it sounds don't worry), but the way they had her say her lines was totally believable as her having asperger. The final message where Micaela's husband states he has two perfect women with him (Micaela and their daughter, duh) might as well had been the magic words to open up my tear ducts and let the tears run down. Beautiful and true.
Basically what I'm getting at is that Padron should write ALL telenovela endings because they are way cooler and serve more purpose than the typical finales. To all those graduating (like me, no big deal) good luck in your future endevours and to those still here next year, enjoy it graduation will come quick and keep a look out for me downtown next year when I visit (I still don't grow much facial hair so I can pull off the college age thing for a couple more years :)

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