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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Tearful Farewell: Ode To The Telenovela

I feel like it's only right to honor the drama that is the telenovela with a deep, heartfelt goodbye. As the telenovela is focused on love and heartache, I felt like there was no better way to bid the class goodbye than with a short poem.

Ode To The Telenovela

You made us laugh, you made us cry,

You made us smile, you made us sigh.

Car Accidents, twins, switched babies at birth...

For the perfect telenovela, we'd walk to the ends of the earth.

Drama, love triangles, and evil step mothers,

You showed us the danger of unknowingly falling in love with our brothers.

Fake funerals, shot gun weddings, and dangerous affairs,

Who could forget the murders that happened, the people who were pushed down the stairs?

I will miss all the fist fights, plastic surgery, and shirtless guys (mostly shirtless guys),

Isn't it crazy how the episode flies?

I will never forget the lessons I learned,

Of how the love of your best friend's husband is earned.

I'll always remember the law of telenovela land,

That you can get what you want if you sleep with the right man.

So, telenovela I bid thee farewell

Listen, can you hear the dramatic, good-bye music swell?

I'll never forget you, I promise you this...

So in telenovela fashion let's end with a kiss.




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  2. Wow, Suzanna,this poem sums it up so well.You probably touched on almost every telenovela plotline and cliche we went over in class. Hilarious.

  3. This is so perfect! I think all you forgot were the illegitimate love children (ahem Juan del Diablo)

    I'll certainly miss all the drama!

  4. Dr. A was gushing over this at her house last night, and as is typical of me, I was skeptical until I read it today.
    Your muse must have truly been with you that night. I loved every line.

    Mostly shirtless guys... still laughing.

  5. You're so gooood! I hope you need to keep writing poetry if you aren't already! And I LOVE this ---> "I'll always remember the law of telenovela land/That you can get what you want if you sleep with the right man."

  6. This is great!! Couldn't have been a more fitting farewell. I really am going to miss learning about all of the crazy things that happen in the different telenovelas. Although there are plenty of shows in the U.S. that have their fair share of drama, it's just not the same.

  7. I love this so much! This was amazing it really it really did capture the melodrama of this whole crazy world of telenovelas! I particularly love the "That you can get what you want if you sleep with the right man." verse!

  8. Of course, like everyone else, I came here and read your poem immediately after Dr. A mentioned it yesterday. This is so great, really! I laughed so hard when you said "I'll always remember the law of telenovela land / That you can get what you want if you sleep with the right man."