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Friday, April 29, 2011


I want to use my last blog post to reflect on the semester. I can't believe how quickly it has flown by. It seems like 2 weeks ago that I emailed Dr. A on the last day of drop/add and stole the last available spot for this class. Thank goodness I did. Business Spanish would have been slightly less exciting. It kind of seemed like fate that I heard about this class so last minute and was able to get into it. It is so great to have a class that you look forward to going to every day, and that is how this class was for me. I loved learning about the telenovela world, and Latin American culture in general.
I am really glad that we were asked to watch a telenovela of our own. I enjoyed Corazón Salvaje, although looking back I wish I could have watched La Mujer Perfecta, or one of Padron's other telenovelas that we looked at. I think I might watch one over the summer. I loved learning about Padron's telenovelas. It gave me a whole new perspective on telenovelas, as I can see the depth in what he does. His telenovelas are much more than just melodramatic entertainment, they are insightful, artistic, and educative. Very cool.
Another one of my favorite parts was Skyping with various people of the telenovela world. I loved hearing from Julie Restifo about being a woman, and an older one at that, in the telenovela world. I also of course loved talking to Marisa Román. I think I was giddy the rest of the day. It was so neat to see how down to earth she was, even though she is such a big star. Some of the actors here in America need to learn a little something about that. It was neat to hear from Padron as well. Hearing how poetic his every day speech is made me realize how talented he really is. And I have to say after realizing what Guillermo García looks like I am a little disappointed that technology wouldn't allow us to talk to him.
Overall, it has been such a great semester and I have loved this class so much. The final episodes "class" last night was so very fitting. I think if I were a Senior I probably would have cried (I'm a very emotional person when it comes to endings). But luckily for all of you I'm not graduating and therefore did not cry. Thank you Dr. A for a great semester! I hope I will still see you around.

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