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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Leonardo Padron

I really liked our skype conversation with Leonardo Padron on 4/26 because it is truly an inspiration for what it is like to work hard and use your talents to the limit. For me, it is amazing that he can create some of the most ground-breaking telenovelas in the world by pushing the boundaries and sucking people in.

For me, it is absolutely amazing that he can come up with all of these fresh ideas for telenovelas and to write 40 pages a day for well over 100 days. For him to be so innovative shows the talent that many people can only dream of.

Personally, I would love to watch some more of Leonardo Padron's telenovelas because they completely suck you in. I hope that when his newest work comes out that I will be able to watch it and stick with it (it's hard being a college kid with tons of work). Needless to say, talking to him was one of my favorite parts of the semester.


  1. I completely agree! I loved listening to him speak to our class overall because he spoke in such a poetic and unique way. He was truly a fascinating person to meet over Skype, and I'm very fortunate that our class had that privilege.

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  3. Also agreed. Padron is clearly one of the best in the business and his importance to the industry and Venezuelan society cannot be overstated. In a country in which telenovela viewership outpaces news ratings (who can trust the news even in more free countries?) Padron's role as a social commentator is immense. He has the unique opportunity to address to the people of his nation on a nightly basis, and invoke questions about their society. As a keen observer of real life (all ruptura novelas, his habit of going to the streets to get the feel of Caracas, etc) I am sure he will be looked back upon as a true beacon of light during a time in which Venezuela and its people struggle with establishing a concrete identity.

  4. I can completely see why Dr. A studies him, he is so damn good at coming up with unique plots I can't even fathom it. In a genre historically dominated by the telenovela rosas, he brings a breath of fresh air. As a guy that is not all that lovey-dovey (though I'm still romantic ladies don't worry) I would watch Padron's rupturas over the classic rosa everytime!