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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost, Humans' Greatest Entertainment Achievement...and a Telenovela?

I will start by stating that I am what I like to call a "Lostie", which I describe as abc's show Lost's version of "trekies" for Star Trek. Pretty much I loved the show and watched all the seasons, read blogs about the episodes, looked up any book or music references they made and consider it as the title of this post suggests, "Humans' Greatest Entertainment Achievement". But as Dr. Acosta-Alzuru was going over common telenovela characteristics I couldn't help but notice they had a LOT of common with Lost...or rather Lost had many telenovela characteristics.
Sure Lost had 6 seasons while telenovelas have one, but check this out: most telenovelas have one season with 120 episodes, while Lost had 6 seasons totaling 121 episodes!!! Coincidence? Yea probably but there is so much more, so stick with me...some spoilers.
The love stories in Lost were pure telenovela. Kate, Sawyer, and Jack had a great love triangle. While Sawyer later came to love Juliet when he thought he would never see Kate again (since they were living in different planes of time, one in the mid 1970's and the other in the 2000's), but then Kate comes back, which is awkward but totally cool.
There is also Sun and Jin's dynamic. they are married but Jin was poor and Sun rich, not only that but Sun is pregnant and did not know who the father was (it was Jin so its cool).
Another character, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, has another form of unusual love. He is not the best looking guy but falls for a very pretty woman, Libby. Only thing is that she dies as soon as they start to really hit it off, good thing he keeps seeing her "ghost" afterwards.
Then comes the aspect of siblings separated at birth. Jack and Claire share the same father but never knew of each other's existence since one lived in Los Angeles and the other in Australia.
Revenge? Lost has it. Kate killed her mother's boyfriend since he physically abused her mom. Her mother however was not happy since she "loved" him and Kate was forced to become a criminal on the run (by the way she killed him by burning down the house he was in).
Between the drama, suspense, "oh my god, no he/she didn't" moments, and overall addictive nature of Lost I have come to the conclusion that much like Venezuela....Lost too is a TELENOVELA!!!

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