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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rebelde Way

After seeing the intro clip of "Rebelde Way" in class on Tuesday, I decided I wanted to try and find at least the first full episode to see if it really sparked my interest. Luckily I came across it on and was able to watch it today.

The episode started off with the introduction of the main characters and the main setting of this telenovela. The story surrounds the lives of teenagers and their families at the Elite Way Boarding School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each small introduction gives a brief background (even with some flashbacks) about the prominent problems each student faces whether it be at school or at home, with classmates or their parents. For example, Manuel is a teenage boy from a South American country (not specifically mentioned, but the accent sounded Chilean to me) who must act as the man of the house now that his father has passed about a year ago. His mother and kid sister are still very distressed about the situation, and the family does not have enough money to keep their house. Manuel finds out through some of his father's old paperwork that he had done business and was involved with a man in Buenos Aires. Manuel decides to leave his mother and sister and enroll in the Elite Way School in order to try and find out what exactly happened to his father.

The man that did business with Manuel's dad is the father of Mia, a student at the Elite Way School. Mia does not have a mother and her father is always out of town on business. She is the leader of the "popular" kids and enjoys trying to transform the "losers" into someone like her. She is spoiled and gets what she wants simply because her father feels bad for never being around.

These are only two examples of the main characters but of course, the overlapping of how characters know each other and are related goes on and on for about four more students and their families (who are all politicians, models, and business men).

Although I have only seen one episode, I already want to know what happens to each character! The introductions and story-lines are intriguing from the second the telenovela starts. And, naturally, there has already been a car crash and the possibility of a mystery love triangle as cliffhangers for the end of episode one.

I am really drawn to the Argentine accent because of my family background and hearing some of the phrases the teenagers use towards their parents reminds me of being back in Argentina with my extended family! I think I will really enjoy this telenovela :)

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