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Friday, January 28, 2011

Telenovelas for Tweens Remind Me of...

Degrassi!, the Canadian produced soap opera targeted towards teenagers facing common adolescent issues such as dating, drugs and bullying. Unlike telenovelas and many American soap operas, Degrassi has been in production since the early 80's with major production breaks due to cast alterations over the years. However, its 2005 debut in America may have been many American children's first encounter with a soap opera catered towards their demographic, it was definitely mine.

I learned so many valuable life lessons from the show and could relate to many of the conflicts portrayed by the cast of Degrassi, which is why I am an advocate for Nickelodeon's initiative to produce telenovelas for tweens. Not only will telenovelas, such as Grachi, encourage young adults to learn Spanish, but will also help enstill a sense of appreciation for the Latin American culture.

While this Miami produced telenovela for teenagers may not be broadcasted on American soil, it is still a great tactic to bring a community of struggling "teeny boppers" together to discuss issues regarding being a kid looking for acceptance, regardless of one's origin and ethnic-background.


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