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Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Is A Battle Field

From the beginning we have learned that one of the most powerful aspects of the telenovela is the dramatic structure of the "love triangle". This is what gets people hooked, the constant battle between three or more people for love. We enjoy getting to watch as others (for a change from our lonely love lives) struggle and compete with one another all for what they believe is true love. This is why we tune in every day or week; to see who will be the chosen one and who ends up heart broken or to see new love begin and old flames die. These aspects I have noticed not only appear in the telenovela, but are a constant theme in any dramatic T.V show these days. One I am currently obsessed with in which I have found the best combinations of triangles is "The Vampire Diaries".
The Vampire Diaries doesn't just have one love triangle happening, it rounds out with a grand total of four! There is a whole lot of Vampire loving going on in this show (the main reason why I have become hooked)! First is the most well known family triangle, like the telenovela mother, daughter, and man. Vampire Diaries takes a spin from this keeping it all in the family creating a love triangle between two vampire brothers and the lovely human girl. The next triangle is between one vampire brother, the human girl, and (bare with me this could get confusing) an ancient vampire women who is the ex lover of the brother who was the one who converted the brother to a vampire and who happens to look exactly like the present day human about a serious mess. Another main love triangle is between a once human girl(best friend of the main human girl) who is now a vampire too, her ex boy friend (human), and the ex boyfriends best friend/werewolf. The final love triangle that is present is between the main human girl's human brother, another vampire girl, and another best friend of his sister's who happens to be a witch. So all in all these are just like the infamous telenovela love triangles yet they just add vampires, werewolfs, and witches into the mix...Basically this recurring dramatic structure is why we are all so addicted to our T.V's and laptops, its why we cant give up watching. To sum it all up the "love triangle" is perfectly explained by the wise words of Pat Benatar, "love is a battle field", or better put from a telenovela stand point, love is one complicated,twisted mess of a battle field.

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  1. I suppose that since vampires are the hot topic right now, it is only correct to put in all of the telenovela elements into the plots in order for us to really catch on and stick with this fad. Another vampire series True Blood (yes, I love this series) also uses love triangles over time. The main heroine and her star-crossed vampire lover both give in to temptation at one point during the series with another man/woman, causing an out of control spiral of feelings.
    One thing that I have come to discover is that there could be a drama about aliens from Pluto and it will still include love triangles, betrayal, rich alien-poor alien, and all of the elements that make up a telenovela. People love scandal and drama, and there is no exception if the people are not technically human.