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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready for a little reality in between the the baby swaps.

While all of the different shows have caught my attention in some way either through the melodrama or the crazy plot line, I'm more excited about the telenovelas written by Leonardo Padron that focus on real issues that the country is facing. As a journalism major I gravitate to that because I think one of the main purposes of the media is to help make the public aware of issues. The method you go about that can definitely be creative or in this case include a few love triangles, some swapped babies and a lot of plastic surgery but I believe that some of the best works of literature and film point to some issue in society.

I think it is fascinating that Kassandra caused people to stop fighting during the war in Kosovo. That a soap-opera can capture the hearts of a people enough to pause a war. If they are powerful enough to move people in this way I believe it is important for them to convey something deeper or more critical in their plot/purpose. I also think that more journalism students should learn what it is about these shows that can hold someones attention. As news hits rocky terrain on how to deal with changing technology and changing consumers, news organizations need to understand what can capture the attention of many countries throughout the world.

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