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Friday, January 28, 2011

My connection to telenovelas.

Though I personally, to my knowledge, have absolutely NO hispanic blood in me whatsoever I've essentially been raised around hispanics. I'm from gainesville who's countable population is 60% hispanic and uncountable population is probably closer to 80%. Most of my high school friends were hispanic, usually from Mexico, and almost every time I visited their homes SOMEONE in their family was watching their novelas. I've always been so immersed in hispanic culture that it's virtually become my adopted heritage. Even before I was able to understand most of what was being said in the telenovelas I loved to sit down and watch them with my friends and their families. I would get so into them and somehow never have to ask what was going on.

Now that I understand them a bit better though I will admit getting hooked is much easier. Now I tend to spend my days off at my boyfriend's house and we will sit down for lunch and then watch the midday novelas with his mom. I became particularly interested in Aurora and La Fea Más Bella. I still love to learn more and more about hispanic cultures and languages, espially all the variations that exist within a single language. I'm really looking forward to delving into these cultural aspects during these class through the novelas.

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  1. I too have absolutely no hispanic blood in me but have also grown up around the hispanic culture. Being from Texas, the hispanic culture fuses right in with the American culture and this is what I have been apart of my whole life. I have not only been exposed to Spanish in all the schools I attended back in Austin, but I was also exposed to it at a young age growing up with babysitters from a wide variety of hispanic backgrounds from Mexico City, to Venezuela. These were the women who first introduced the telenovela to me.
    Every afternoon I can remember sitting down and watching different telenovelas, not knowing at all what they were except for just lots of people talking spanish very very fast. I can remember how into the telenovelas my babysitters got, and I can even remember at time how they would start talking as quickly in spanish back at the TV! I now understand how they felt and why they were so addicted to these programs. Im excited to learn even more about telenovelas and experience the love for them that my babysitters did!