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Friday, March 25, 2011

Barack Obama's Initiative via Telenovelas

The CNN clip that Dr. A showed us in class regarding Barack Obama's efforts to inform the Latino community about the importance of the 2010 U.S. Census really stood out to me. I don't care a great deal about politics and I am definitely one of those people known to dodge casual political debates and conversations, yet i support Obama's decision to reach out to Telemundo. Placing subliminal messages in the telenovela culture that the majority of Latinos share, regardless of their origin, is a witty way of successfully getting a point across to a group of people who may feel isolated from the U.S. government. There may be some Latino families that aren't interested in reading a newspaper or watching their local news at night, but do enjoy watching their favorite telenovela faithfully.

Hopefully, Obama's initiative to incorporate a universal American issue with a Latin-American pastime helped people realize the importance of being unified as a nation, regardless of one's ethnicity or nationality. I commend Obama for reaching out to the Latino community and reminding them that they have not been forgotten.

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