This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

You're Welcome

So it turns out love scenes in telenovelas are not really what you think they are once you strip them down. These heaviest of love scenes in telenovelas feature the hottest actors with the most appropriate music, camera angles, loss of garments and the list continues. However, as discovered in class this week, without production team these scenes are nothing merely than the awkward couple showing too much public display of affection in the middle of the park or restaurant. I feel like that is a real token to the production team and shows how the actors are not the only elements to making a good scene in a telenovela. Let’s be honest, nothing quite makes a love scene like a good soundtrack to go along with it. Take for instance any love scene in great films such as Titanic or Armageddon. May be a little biased towards Aerosmith and Steven Tyler there but could you honestly imagine some of the love scenes you have seen in movies lacking the perfect track? You would say, “this may be two beautiful people but nevertheless really awkward.” Camera angles and music make love making in cinema and productions the scenes that people learn to love and enjoy. Of course the actors do a little here and there, but it’s that perfect Celine Dion track or the beautiful song from La Vida Entera, you can thank the song for the beautiful love scene.


  1. "So it turns out love scenes in telenovelas are not really what you think they are once you strip them down..." Nice pun, intentional or otherwise. :)

    I was a huge fan of Titanic as a kid, and I remember reading (when I was way too young) an interview with Kate Winslet about the drawing scene where she is completely nude on the couch, being drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio. (This is the first scene the two actors shot together too. Talk about an intense meeting!) When asked about the tension in the scene, the awkwardness, she replied that she was really nervous and asked James Cameron something along the lines of, "How do my tits look?" And that got everyone on the set laughing...

    When I watch that scene, its arguably one of the most sensual scenes to come out of the 90s, but the atmosphere behind the scenes was anything but.

  2. I thought it was so cool seeing how the love scenes were really shot! I bet iss so awkward having all those people looking at you while you perform a scene like that!