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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cinco y Acción!

It never occurred to me how awkward things can be behind the scenes in Telenovela production. Telenovelas are full of passionate kisses, love making and other forms of intimate relations that most people reserve for the bedroom. I have to commend the actors of telenovelas for being able to pull off the many sensual scenes that they do, while making them look as natural as possible.

The viewer only sees is the perfect lighting, camera angle and background music. But the actors are in silence and taking all those factors into account when acting out the scene. Thats so cool. After the director of a telenovela gives the go ahead, the actors have workers watching them perform very intimate scenes that I personally could never pull because I'm sure I'd crack up laughing.
I thought that being able to view the behind the scenes of Telenovela production was really neat. We always wonder what goes on behind the scenes and now I have a whole new perspective on telenovelas.

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  1. I knwo exaclty what you mean, I guess I always thought that "chemistry" took care of the love scene look real. It fascinates me that actors do such a great job of making the love scene look so beautiful under such awkward circumstances.