This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Thoughts

I have a couple of thoughts I want to express in this blog. First of all, I was pretty upset to learn that we were going to be the first class without a surprise visit from Marisa. If she comes to your class next year, can I come say hello Dr. A? I think most people in the class can admit they've developed some kind of little crush on her, and would have been super excited to meet her in person. Oh well.

Secondly, I read in the news that Chavez gave a long talk about breast implants last week (was it during La Mujer Perfecta like you thought it would be?). I'm becoming more and more interested in Chavez's little "talks." I can't quite figure out what is going through his head when he decides to go on air with these shenanigans. Now, it seems his head was in the right place if he was speaking out against the plastic surgery obsession, but sometimes it just seems like he's downright in a different state of mind. I can't imagine the uproar in America if Obama were to do something like this. It might be kind of funny to interrupt American programming with one of Chavez's crazy talks just to see what would happen.


  1. Yeah Chavez's talks are a bit quirky blah blah blah...onto the real issue at hand with this your post.
    The fact that Marisa Román, a.k.a. my telenovela crush, will not be coming this year affected me way too much. It's as if your parents tell you your going to Disney next week and decide to take your to a McDonald's Playplace instead. In this case Disney is when Dr.A told us she has actually shown up to classes before, and McDonald's Playplace is McDonald's fun as it can be it is no Disney (Marisa Román). She's like that really pretty girl I liked back in 2nd grade where if she talked to me I would mumble, look around, and leave (I've never been the smoothest guy on the block). I hope Dr.A tells us next time she's in town, she's only 29 and an 8 year difference ain't too bad...I got a shot.

  2. Hi guys!!! I laughed a LOT reading your comments! Thank you VERY MUCH for your words! I promise I'll let you know when I go back to Athens! ;)

    I send you lots of kisses!
    See'ya soon... At least at Skype!


  3. I feel that I should perhaps look this up, I'm not a very up to date individual when comes to current events but seems rather interesting! Also as I mentioned in another comment I AGREE I so wanted to be able to meet her and once again Dr. A please please please let me know if she comes to Athens again!!