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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I though I would never say this but...

I am so happy that the protagonists broke up! As of this point in my telenovela Gabriela, Giros del Destino, the male protagonist Pablo is still trying to hide who he is and the fact that he ran over Gabriela with his car months ago. Because of this, the typical lies, deception, and shenanigans ensue and causes huge rifts in his and Gabriela's relationship. Quite frankly, the constant miscontrueing and lack of communication is frustrating me greatly! In the last episode that I watched, Gabriela finally confronts Pablo about his fishy behavior, none to which he can own up to. Being too much for Gabriela, she breaks up with him.
Don't get me wrong, I love the drama that is surrounding the other characters. But the constant lying between the two protagonists was so frustrating that I wanted to smack them both. I hope that the next time that they get back together, the constant sneakiness between them will be kept more to a minimum and so other dramatic situations can occur with them. Of course I know that in the end they will be together and no more lies or misleading events will spar with their relationships. Until then, I hope that the annoying lack of serendipity is kept to a minumum.

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