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Friday, March 4, 2011

Actually thinking about Telenovela consumption is baffling...

Since I've watched telenovelas for basically all of my life, I already knew how addicting they were. I knew that once you watched the first episode, or any episode for that matter, you were going to be hooked, and wouldn't want to watch anything else at 7:00 pm; but I had never actually thought about why or how it is that the telenovela is so incredibly addicting. I have watched shows on American television which are good and all, but I am do not feel that need or urge to watch the next episode. With telenovelas, it's like you just can't wait, you NEED it to be the next day so you can see what happens.

Up until this Representation and Identity assignment, I hadn't watched many telenovelas since between studying and work there is no time for that. But with this assignment, it reminded me just how addicting these telenovelas are. Watching Mas Sabe el Diablo never seemed like a task, it was wonderful and I was actually kind of upset when I knew that I needed to work on other things or just stop watching it. That may be kind of pathetic, but it's true. I am interested to see what exactly we will learn in this topic of consumption, and see if maybe I will finally discover how it is that telenovelas just have that "You NEED to watch me" characteristic. Or maybe, it is just us and human nature loves excessive drama? Who knows. All I know is that when I sit down and think about the past ten years of my life, and think about how many telenovelas I've watched and how many hours I've sat in front of the television screen, it is kind of ridiculous. The gist of this whole post is I cannot believe just how addicting telenovelas really are...but it is nice to know I'm not the only person who apparently is addicted and can't step away from the television when my telenovela is on.

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