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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today in class, Dr. A lectured about the role of consumption and audience reception for a telenovela. She explained to us that the chemistry has to be electric for the love plotlines in telenovelas in order for the audience to become completely addicted to the telenovela. An example that Dr. A used today was in the telenovela “Cosita Rica” with the love story between Veronica and Cacique. Even though I only got watch clips of the telenovela, I could automatically sense the deep love and attraction the couple has for each other.

For my paper, I chose to watch “Corazon Salvaje.” My favorite part of the telenovela that kept me wanting more was the story between Juan del Diablo and Monica. Although the two are complete opposites in many regards, they have this undeniable chemistry for one another that makes the entire telenovela seem more plausible. The beginning of the telenovela was so captivating when Juan del Diablo and Aimee were together, but those two just shared attraction and passion. Monica and Juan del Diablo’s relationship is what made the telenovela addicting.

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  1. Ah hah! I know exactly what you mean! the chemistry between the main characters in my telenovela, Rubi is INTENSE. It's so intense I find myself literally hanging on to every word said between the two, especially during their arguements. Crazy how two people who are ACTORS can bring to life such real and intense emotions. I mean, I believe the two characters are desperately in love with one another--no where in my mind when I am watching do I think ohhh theyre acting. To me, they are real and in love, haha!