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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Corazón Salvaje - Confirming Preconceptions

After desperately searching for Kassandra online and finding nothing, I was short on time until the paper and I quickly purchased the abridged version of Corazón Salvaje from Amazon because it showed up as most popular. It was somewhat annoying to watch the abridged version, because everything would happen so quickly, and it was much harder to connect with the characters. I had a hard time believing Juan and Mónica's relationship, because from what was shown the relationship between Juan and Aimeé was much more real. I think this version skipped a lot of Juan and Mónica's relationship as it grew in the early stages, so I was pretty skeptical throughout most of their relationship. I also found myself feeling sorry for Aimeé as well. For the purpose of this class, though, it was nice that I could sit down and get the gist of the love story all the way to the end without having to watch 200 full episodes.

As far as the telenovela itself, I do feel that it somewhat confirmed my early perceptions of the telenovela - over-dramatic, poorly made, and very similar to the American Soap Opera. I enjoyed the storyline and it kept me intrigued, although I wish I might have chosen a more modern telenovela that could have possibly broken the stereotypes in my mind. It was, however, a great example of a telenovela rosa. It was very interesting to me to pick out and look at all of the elements of a telenovela rosa that we learned about in class.

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  1. I respect your opinion but the reason you didnt like cs is because you didnt get onto its world how could you not like Juan del diablo OMG and how could you not like Monica y Juan and its not a Novela Rosa Juan is a feminist and his diologues and monica's and his interactions are more modern than many so called modern telenovelas really feel cs dont "watch" it