This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drama on Steroids

The only available version of Corazon Salvaje I was able to find was the condensed version and though this was a great alternative I wish that I could have seen the whole story play out! The condensed version really helped to watch for this specific class but I feel like I missed out on the unfolding of the plot, specific other details and not to mention I feel like I was literally jumping to each important scene with no fluff in between. This was a little frustrating but at the same time it almost made the telenovela more entertaining because of the constant high drama (yes telenovelas always have high drama but this one was on steroids!).

Because it seemed they would only skip to the specific important scenes I feel like there was always intense drama all the time a.k.a instant entertainment. Every scene started out with dramatic music, a slow fade into the scene, and someone (mostly the women) either crying, sighing, or yelling while revealing what seemed like life or death information while another character becomes absolutely SHOCKED at what was just informed to him/her! I know I wasn’t suppose to be laughing during these times but it was kind of hard not…the intensity was priceless. This type of cut though was what also kept me addicted. With the constant drama I couldn’t help but watch on to find out what happens and by the time that problem was quickly solved there was already another conflict arising! There was just never a good time to pause, I had to just keep watching and watching!

Don’t get me wrong though, I really did enjoy Corazon Selvaje I don’t mean to poke fun at all, I am just a sucker for cheesy drama and find it very enjoyable! It truly was a great story, a classic Cinderella with a bit of a twist. The characters were amazing and not to mention I really did fall for the beautiful Juan del Diablo!


  1. It's funny how different the abridged versions seem to be. My telenovela is online so I see everything, but at the same time I'm still frustrated because I see every manipulation and misunderstanding. It seems that no matter what, Americans will tend to be more frustrated with telenovelas because we hate it when there is all that confusion! Sadly enough, I am starting to enjoy the drama at the same time. It's hard to love something when at the same time you want to slap the heck out of the characters.

  2. This is just like my version of my telenovela! I like it in a way because we get to skip the boring fluff and cut straight to the juicy stuff. However, sometimes I think I could use some fluff if solely to calm myself between dramatic scenes. Sometimes I need a breather-haha! back to back affairs and deaths can really take a toll on a viewer! Also, while jam packed with action I agree that the abridged versions can DEFINITELY leave one confused, ha!