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Friday, March 4, 2011

Thoughts after a paper on my telenovela

So the other day Dr. A told us that as students we are probably consuming the telenovelas a little differently than typical fanatics of the show in that we are watching with our brains too and not only our hearts. I would definitely say this is true for me. I do not usually get pulled into "drama" and usual am turned off by t.v. shows that use lots of drama. I got tired of watching my telenovela sometimes because I just couldn't believe that the character's action/ view of something was similar to reality.

I am still glad I picked to watch one of Padron's though because he does make an effort to tie his thesis for the plot to modern day issues. I respect what he is doing and trying to say to his audience but still get tired of some of the drama he must infuse to hook his viewers. I thought the stats that we talked about in class the other day about plastic surgery in Venezuela vs. the poverty was unbelievable. My question is though how much the audience actually internalizes any of his messages though. If they don't like their show too close to reality are they actually apply the message of the show to themselves? In the same way that the amount of plastic surgery is ridiculous the amount of t.v.s these people own even if impoverished astounds me. His message about the ridiculous obcession with one thing I believe could also be transfered over to the obsession with the telenovelas.

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