This is a class blog run by Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru and her students in the course "Telenovelas, Culture and Society" at the University of Georgia during Spring 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WARNING! Telenovelas Are A Trap!

I must admit that I was quite skeptical when Dr. A told the class during our first class meeting that we would all become addicted to telenovelas. I thought to myself, "I'm sure they're interesting, but I doubt I will get attached." ...WRONG! While watching my self-assigned telenovela for our "Representation and Identity" paper, I had to constantly remind myself that this wasn't for pleasure, and that I did in fact have to type a paper as well.

I blame the writers of telenovelas and their talent to draw in their audience with something dramatic occurring each week. Most telenovelas have this brilliant pattern of starting off slow for several weeks, then dramatically rising towards its peak with a cliffhanger that will leave you speechless. There were so many moments where I would scream, jump and yell at my computer screen as I watched Alguien Te Mira. I didn't realize how attached I was until I noticed how many hours had gone by as I watched each episode. Once you have reached the novela's cliffhanger, there is absolutely no way that you would be able to live with yourself until you are able to see the final conclusion.

I am going to challenge/ recommend all television fanatics, regardless of whether they comprehend Spanish or not, to get lost in the telenovela fantasy world. I believe that it's a culture that people should experience and have a better grasp of.

NO excuses, because there are definitely sub-titles available as well.


  1. I agree! They are a trap! At first I thought that my telenovela would be extremely predictable, though entertaining. However, I was proven completely wrong with some twists and turns that seemed to come completely out of left field. Of course, at this time it is 2 in the morning and I simply had to find out why a certain situation occurred. Even though I cannot understand everything they say, the music and the facial expressions are enough to keep me wanting more

  2. Agreed!! Where was the warning label on my DVD that was like 'Do Not Begin Watching this if you have a school career/job/homework/life to Worry About' haha! I find myself getting SO sucked in...I am constantly like oh one more episode--I cant stop in the middle! I have to get to a good stopping flash the only good stopping point is the finale. Telenovelas feed our human nature---we are always wanting more...we always want to figure out the plot! Look on the brightside--telenovela addiction is definitely healthier than most! :)