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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Juan del Diablo: not such a bad guy after all

What made Corazón Salvaje such a good telenovela to me was the production's choice of actors. If you don't want to read me fawning please just ignore this post. Oh, and here's a fun warning:


So in my last post I expressed my frustration of Corazón Salvaje's choice of Eduardo Palomo as the male lead. Now that I have finished watching the series, I can now understand why Televisa would choose Palomo. Thank you, Rebecca Holton, for planting the seed that changed my mind!

Like other Cinderellas before him (Corazón Salvaje is indeed a Cinderella story), Juan del Diablo undergoes a transformation in character. His behavior and mannerisms don't change, but his hidden altruism shines forth in his decisions as the series progresses. Other than his counsels, Noel Mancera and his wife, Monica, Juan lets no other man or woman take control of his life. Being "del Diablo", fate and chance take every opportunity to tear him from his well-deserved role in society, but Juan stands firm. For Eduardo Palomo, this is a huge testament to his acting ability. It is difficult to portray a character like Juan who changes only in minute ways. His character development can only really be seen in his choices and relationships with his close friends and "family". Palomo pulls this off with both style and ruggedness - a combination I did not fathom as possible in acting. It is a true shame that he has passed away, for I would love to see where his acting career would have taken him.

I am thoroughly surprised by how well the writers of Corazón Salvaje were able to make me HATE Andres, Juan's half-brother. When he fell, he fell HARD. I've witnessed sane friends go off the deep end like he did, so his insanity was just so believable to me. I expected evil from his mother, Sofia, but not from a kind man like him! Corazón Salvaje proved me completely wrong, and I thoroughly enjoyed his twist in character. When I watch a show of any kind, I absolutely LOVE when my predictions are wrong! Kudos to Ariel López Padilla for his metamorphosis from Andres A to Andres B - truly a Jekyll and Hyde situation.

I still adore Edith González! ( I won't repeat my admiration for her portrayal of Monica, because I did in my last post.) What a graceful lady! Not everyone is a fan of her cute looks, but I sure am! She is currently returning to the telenovela scene, and I would love to see how age has treated - I assume it has been well :)

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