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Friday, March 4, 2011

Men at their primal state

Im my telenovela, Sin Pechos No Hay Paraiso, one of the main (if not the main topic) was how a flat chested woman needed breast implants to be attractive to wealthy drug dealers. Now, just about every guy (me included) would say that their ideal woman would physically have a beautiful face, nice smooth legs, nice butt, and of course good sized breasts (just saying). On the flip side, just about any guy is smart enough to never hold out for this seemingly unattainable/unreal "ideal" physical woman. Contrary to popular female belief guys are smarter than this, thus we take more important things into consideration when picking partner like personality, humor, and chemistry. Now, the guys in SPNHP are millionares and care little about long term relationships, therefore physical appearance is all they care about, hence why Catalina believes she needs to get breast implants to be attractive. You see, these drug dealers have so many options (prepaid hookers) that they can be EXTRA picky when choosing a woman, and so they will get as close to the "ideal' physical woman as they can. It's a sad truth that if every man could they would have a perfect woman, but its the same for women. I'm sure women would want a toned muscled, perfect skinned, and athletic guy (and yes I'm single). Luckily for everyone, normal everyday humans do indeed take other things besides physical attributes when choosing a partner, sometimes even more than the physical beauty itself (as it should be). Catalina was right to needing breast implants when trying to attract those scumbag dealers, but only because they are jaded with mindless women that happen to have rocking bodies, but nothing else to offer. I doubt behind the endless hot women, piles of money, fast cars, and mansions that none of those dealers can truly be happy without a "real" woman by their side to love them. Even if she might not have the best bust, butt, or face as long as their is true chemistry happiness is just around the corner...if only Catalina could see what her mom saw in Albeiro (background: Her mom ended up with a Catalina's former boyfriend who happened to be poor, kind, and great...awesome love triangle by the way.)

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  1. hahah so I basically just wanted to comment on this to say I respect your honesty! Im also relieved to hear you say a loud that guys care more about relationships than their woman having a hot bod-haha! Although you def made it clear you wouldnt turn a hot girl away (only if she had a matching, rocking personality right?!) However, it is easy to forget that money, in fact, cannot buy happiness---especially with television and magazines telling us it can. It sounds like your telenovela is sneakily poking fun at the idea of physical perfection and material possesions. I would definitely love to watch an episode!