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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alma de un Pirata

I have really fallen in love with the telenovela i have been watching, Alma Pirata. Although it is not a telenovela rosa, i feel like it isn't a realist telenovela either. Instead, this series seems to orbitate around humor, and does a great job of it. After some research, i was not surprised to find Alma Pirata won the 2006 Martin Fierro award for Best Youth Comedy.

The story follows three childhood friends who, after years of not seeing one another, are bought together by a cunning and passionate aunt who reveals a forgotten past to them. Their fathers had formed la Liga de las Espadas (League of Swords) to fight social injustice before they died in a mysterious incident burned in the memory of the main characters. Now their sons, who have inherited their father's law breaking ways and are quite the con men, have a chance to turn their lives around and put their mad skills to a good cause. PIRATE STYLE.

Being a telenovela, there is the love factor too, in the shape of adventurous and foxy duo Allegra and Clara. These girls were planning to travel Che Guevara's famous route across South America when their destinies crossed the boy's (as they try and steal an ancient secret relic from Allegra's father's yacht). They quickly discard these plans and become obsessed in trying to figure out what the boys are up to (these girls seem to have extraodinary amounts of time in their hands), which happens to be a search for the mystically expensive emerald called Alma (aha! hence the title...). How this emerald has anything to do with fighting injustice, i have yet to find out. At this point the characters seem as self absorbed as they can get.
Alma pirata's plot is kind of slow moving, with a lot of seemingly irrelevant scenes, but i figure these may hold some meaning further on in the telenovela. But i can't complain, the characters have me rolling over laughing and they're not hard on the eyes either. I'm already a huge fan of the main couple (Allegra and Benicio, with his flowing locks), and love their love/hate relationship and constant bickering. It's endearing. All the characters really have a lot of personality, which i think is an important contributor in the addictiveness factor of a telenovela. I am certainly hooked, and I really hope that I can keep finding the episodes on Youtube.

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