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Saturday, February 12, 2011

my relationship with technology is like a telenovela

So for the past week I have been fighting my computer and multiple websites to allow me to watch telenovelas but sadly I have been losing so far. One website said that the service wasn't availible in my area, another said it was free but to watch I had to give them my credit card info- well it charged me about $35 so I quickly had that one taken off. Then after searching for other places and trying three times to get the software downloaded to work it, I have given up on that site as well. I finally got some other links to places that I am going to check out today and cross my fingers that it will work. I have had significant problems with technology in my other classes this semester too. So here is my telenovela called Muerte por Tecnologia. It's a rosa with a little suspense. The telenovela and I are the protagonist who just want to spend time together so I can fall in love with one but the antagonist- technology tries to keep us apart. The baby swap involves my Mac when it was in the assembly line and another one. In the end I know me and my telenovela will be inseparable but we will see how the fight plays out between me and the technology to get there.

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  1. haha, I love this. And I feel your pain. I tried to watch a telenovela by downloading...but was very unsuccessful. I finally bit the bullet and ordered one on Amazon ( only $12 bucks, shipping included) and SOOO worth it. You have the english subtitle option and you can watch it whenever with out the hassle. You should definitely look into it. I am doing a Mexican telenovela 'Rubi'. Pretty addicting so far! Good luck!