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Saturday, February 12, 2011

El Foro

I've been dabbling around in the forum for my telenovela, partly just to see what other people's opinions are on it, and half because I'm hoping someone will fill me in on what happened when my listening skills failed me.

I'm watching "Soy Tu Dueña," which is a Mexican telenovela that aired its finale on December 27 of this past year. It was apparently extremely popular, sweeping North American ratings during its final airing.

All that's great, and they obviously have the numbers to back up their claims of popularity, but I have a question for taniacaballero in the forum: It's February 2012 -- why are you still posting about how much you loved the theme song to "Soy Tu Dueña"?

And taniacaballero isn't alone. There are still over 15 running discussions on this forum that have gotten responses in the last week, all reminiscing about the good times they had watching the telenovela.

I guess it's just solid proof of what Dr. A has said in class -- people are crazy for telenovelas. I guess it's still a bit odd to me that cookie-cutter stories like these could have such staying power with viewers so as to elicit discussion two months after the finale.

Then again, those people are probably no different than my roommate, who's still semi-active in "Lost" online forums.

No, I totally don't judge him for that.

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