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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Somewhat Cinderella Story

I must admit that I am also completely addicted to Corazón Salvaje. I have the condensed DVD version, which at first took a while to get used to. Because it is not in episode form, it is just a string of the most critical scenes from the telenovela. At first this seemed choppy and random, and it was hard to follow exactly what was going on. However, after watching for about 30 or 45 minutes, I became so absorbed in the story that I didn't even notice the rapid scene changes. The worst part about the condensed version is that the story will end so quickly! I may even go on YouTube to try and find full length episodes.

Though I'm not terribly far into the telenovela, I can already see the Cinderella storyline forming. However, it is not a traditional Cinderella story. The character Juan is the one who loses his family name because he is a "bastard" child. His father was extremely wealthy and high in society, but did not know about Juan's existence until right before his accidental death. After he dies, his wife refuses to accept Juan as a member of the family. This clearly is setting the storyline up for a Cinderella ending: I predict that Juan will in the end recover his rightful inheritance and will rise up in society.

As of yet it is somewhat unclear who the "evil stepsisters" are in this story. I can tell that Aimee, the darker and more sultry of two sisters, will play a role as antagonist. Her sister Monica is the typical telenovela rosa lead woman: innocent, naive and beautiful. However, I think there will definitely be a few twists in the storyline that will reveal other "evil stepsisters." I can't wait to see what happens next!

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