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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Characters in Rebelde Way

Now that I am further into Rebelde Way, it is easier to remember the insane amount of characters, who they're involved with, and how each of their interactions and situations add to the standard telenovela content that we've been discussing in class.

I think Rebelde Way has characteristics of both a Telenovela Rosa as well as a Telenovela de Ruptura because of the fact that it does have so many characters and sub-stories. For example, although Luna may not be one of the main characters, she was introduced as the pretty but poor girl who's from a rural area who is at the Elite Way School on scholarship. She is kind and naive. Throughout the first ten episodes she is not one of the main stories, but I have a strong feeling that this "cinderella" type situation will breakthrough at some point and become one of the main topics of drama at some point in the telenovela. I am definitely curious to see if there will be some transformation.

Currently, one of the main topics of drama in this beginning set of episodes (1-10) is the love triangle of Marizza, Mauro, and Marizza's mother and super model Sonia. Marizza likes Mauro who is the chaperone of the summer school trip but Mauro likes Sonia who randomly appears at the event because she misses Marizza. Naturally, Marizza loathes her mother for coming and taking all the attention away from her and for taking Mauro's heart. The triangle is rather unrealistic because of the expansive age differences, but for this telenovela, anything seems possible.

Another possible "cinderella" situation that is going on is the involvement of Feli and Manuel. Feli is the only overweight girl in the entire show and she is one of Mia's (the ring leader) minions. She constantly has problems with eating her feelings and then is embarassed about getting into a bathing suit. Manuel is her current boyfriend. It is hard tell whether he is just using her to get closer and more in with Mia so that he can finally get to Mia's father and take revenge for his father's death, or if he genuinely likes Feli. I think Feli could be categorized as the "ugly duckling" of the show. There is also the potential for her transformation between now and the end of it.

It is very interesting to me how the focus changes from one character to another within a couple episodes. For four or five episodes one situation is a huge melodramatic thing and then suddenly something else takes over. The build-up and release of problems within the characters is really what makes the show so interesting and captivating.

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  1. I loved reading about your predictions for Rebelde Way because I am watching it as well! I am only a few episodes in, but I am optimistically hoping that Manuel really does like Feli- but slowly we are seeing him seek revenge on Mia (Mia is sometimes painful to watch because she is so dramatic and obsessed with herself). And about Mauro, Marizza, and Sonia- I predict that Mauro ends up liking Sonia. Sonia is definitely into him, and Mauro I think is starting to see that Marizza begs for attention (and made up lies earlier to get his attention, like drowning and acting neglected by her mother). All of the stories right now are suspenseful!