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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rubi: what a B****

So, my telenovela, Rubi, came in the mail yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure if this makes me a loser-- but I was really excited. This morning I sat down and decided to watch an episode or two......almost three and a half hours later I am more than half way through the first season. Needless to say, I am already hooked. The main reason I think this show is so entertaining is because of the devious ways of the female lead (Rubi). She is definitely one of those character you love to hate...or is it that I hate that I love her? I'm not sure... I am still kind of confused. But in any case, Rubi has the viewer constantly on their're never quite sure what her next move will be. So far she has led on multiple suitors, given her mother multiple heart attacks..oh yeah and seduced her (crippled) best friend's fiancé (who also happens to be her off again/on again lover's best friend). Yup, girlfriend is on a roll.

However, through all the backstabbing, I some how still continue to like Rubi's character--maybe even sympathize with her. Which leads me to wonder--am I crazy? I have decided on a solid no (for now at least). I don't think I'm crazy, but I do think I may be drawn to Rubi because her imperfections are what make her human, and for that reason I can relate to her...everyone makes mistakes after all, right? Even if Rubi's mistakes are a little on the extreme/psychotic end. Or maybe I continue to like her because I am an eternal optimist, and hope that in the next DVD she will realize the error of her ways, repent, and live happily ever after etc..??

Aren't we all somewhere, deep down rooting for the villian just a little? Despite their evil ways, isn't there some psychological understanding that their actions are stemming from some deep-rooted, traumatic childhood experience --and as a result they can't be held %100 percent responsible ? Don't get me wrong, while I like Rubi, she is definitely a b****---but what would any good story be with out one? Can you imagine a world with no wicked witches, evil step mothers, or back-stabbing vixens?! It would be so peaceful...and SO boring. And besides Rubi's Megan Fox good looks and cunning charm have her fooling everyone---and what they don't know can't hurt them, right?...right!?!??!!? So, here's to all the bad girls. Can't wait to see what happens next

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  1. Speaking of bad girls we are rooting for, my telenovela, which features a group of money hungry prostitutes, has some. While they sleep around with drug dealers just for the money and clothes and are immensely vain, I just see them as a group of women having fun. I KNOW its not right but the script has a way of making even the bad guys (and girls) seem likable through their friendships, lack of options, and personalities. Prostitution is not cool, but "Sin Pechos No Hay Paraiso" sure makes it look a least a bit okay.
    PS Nice picture