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Friday, February 11, 2011

No way! Oh yea this is uncut

When I was growing up in the Dominican Republic I HAD to watch telenovelas with my grandma, since I lived with her and that was the only TV in the house. So after dinner we would watch the typical telenovela Rosa. Fast forward more than a decade and I learn that not all telenovelas have a dominant love story.
This is where my telenovela for this class comes in. You see, I picked "Sin Pechos No Hay Paraiso" (Without Breast There Is No Paradise) because 1. I wanted something different and 2...well you can guess the second reason from the name. I'm on the second disc and this is what I've gathered. The main character, Catalina, is a poor girl trying to make it out of poverty so she hangs out with some prostitutes that sleep with drug dealers for money, clothes, cars, and other cool stuff. Only problem is that her pimp, and friend Jessica, is constantly telling her she will get more "business" if she gets breast implants butttt, no guy even takes a chance with her because of the lack of boobs. I know it sounds a little far-fetched but dammit it's the only way to get out of poverty because, as she states, "education gets you nowhere," even though her mom (who ironically has luscious breasts) wants nothing more than her kids to go to school. Instead she has a daughter trying to be a prostitute and a son who just joined a hit squad killing people for cash.
Catalina, who is a virgin, gets mad when a kingpin doesn't want to sleep with her so she sleeps with one of his men to get enough cash for breast she looses her virginity in a rented horse stable to a guy that is not even a top dog (its wrong either way but that is pretty low). A small surprise was that apparently I bought the uncut version because I definitely saw a boob during the sex scene, a bit graphic:yes, necessary: maybe. I doubt that the guy will pay for her breast since its still early in the telenovela but we shall see.
I thought this would be a hassle to watch a telenovela since it has never really been my thing, but I must say...not bad, not bad at all.

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