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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks Dr. A I am now an addict

I cannot believe I am actually blogging about how hooked I am on a telenovela. I find it odd that I want to watch more a telenovela that was clearly geared towards hopeless romantic Mexican women in the 1990s. Perhaps Corazón Salvaje is a polite reminder that I grew up during this time period.

I admit I started watching Corazón Salvaje with a poor attitude. I sat down hours ago to have dinner - and since I must watch and listen to someone or something while I eat - I decided that I might as well be a good student and watch an episode before I study. I watched the first couple episodes of Corazón Salvaje, and I am dying to watch more of the drama. I have my GRE tomorrow, and I know I should be studying for that; however, I am still in awe that I feel so motivated to type this blog entry!

In the case that I have some nonbelievers of my newfound insanity, here is something of substance to prove that I actually watched this telenovela and love it already:
Edith Gonzalez is an astounding actress. In episode one, she is already bawling her eyes out to a very serious issue (I won't spoil what the context was) and does it without a cut. In one camera movement. Just ONE. As someone in television, it is incredibly difficult to find actors and actresses who can cry on command and make it believable. I sympathized for her so much in that moment. She has that look that makes her so homely and cute that I would want to propose to her, because she would make an excellent wife and mother. Don't ask me why.

I really hope her character, Monica, tames Juan. Why? Because Juan is a philandering a**hole, and it would be immensely entertaining to see a quiet little woman like Edith Gonzalez knock the stuck-up-edness out of him. Also, Eduardo Palomo really overdoes his character. I don't care that he's the male lead - I don't like him. His poor attitude is not very well hidden behind his poor looks and dress. I cannot understand why Hispanic women would fall in love with someone who needs a shower and haircut like him. His perma-scowl annoys me to no end. If he doesn't smile genuinely soon, I will be very upset with this series. Poor actor choice.

I know I make it sound like Palomo and Juan are one in same, but I can't help it... Thanks Dr. A making me another telenovela addict! You were right after all.

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  1. When I first starting watching Corazón Salvaje I had the same impression of Juan... did not find him very attractive. But he has definitely grown on me! I can understand why Hispanic women would fall in love with him now that his character has developed more. I'll be interested to see if your opinion changes at all!