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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rebelde Way: Likes and Dislikes...So far

After watching a few episodes of Rebelde Way, there are definitely certain things I like about this telenovela, as well as a few dislikes. The people who warned that telenovelas are addicting were RIGHT. Every cliffhanger before a commercial break has me hooked, and the end of every episode is a dramatic peak. I love that about it. I also like how Rebelde Way consists of a handful of different stories. You have Mia Colluci, the narcissist, who is always trying to get attention, especially from her dad. Then you have Sonia Rey who used to be in love with the principal of Elite Way. She sends her daughter to Elite Way, desperately trying to avoid losing custody of her. The diversity in the plot keeps me entertained, but on a dislike note, it has been difficult trying to keep track of every character and their situation. Most characters, like Mia, Pablo, and Manuel, were introduced in the very first episode, but others, like Diego, are not introduced until the second or third episode. I thought that was abnormal at first, but when I compare the amount of characters to shows in the U.S that I watch religiously, there are usually about 10 or more characters (some main characters, and some not) in those as well. Rebelde Way definitely has its over dramatic parts (such as when Mia is strutting ridiculously down the hallway in a sports bra and spandex), but those parts only add to the humor and entertainment. I see now how this particular telenovela is geared toward high schools students. For the obvious reason, it takes place in Elite Way- a boarding school for high school students, but also, there are themes geared toward that age group, such as bullying, gossiping, and eating disorders. So far, I am enjoying Rebelde Way, and there is more to come.

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  1. In my high school AP Spanish class, we sometimes watched episodes of the Mexican version, Rebelde. It's interesting to read about your initial impressions because even the character names in the Mexican version are the exact same. I can still perfectly envision Mia Colucci and many of the other main characters. I'd be really interested to watch the original Argentine version! I think it's fascinating that different countries will completely remake a telenovela instead of just airing the original. It also makes me wonder if there are any American TV shows (aside from Ugly Betty) that are remakes from other countries. Anyway, I'm glad you're liking it so far!