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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexican Telenovelas

Telenovelas have played a huge part in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries for decades. Because they are so culturally significant in countries that have such enormous national pride, it is no coincidence that the types of telenovelas vary from country to country. Mexican telenovelas are lloronas, Venezuelan telenovelas are gritonas, and Brazilian telenovelas are realistas.

Mexican telenovelas have always been stereotypically known as the most melodramatic. They can also be broken down into subcategories. The first is the working class melodrama, which includes the “Cinderella” fairytale as a plot line. A second is the historical romance that romanticizes the past. A third is a teen drama appeals to teenagers. And finally, there is a music story that follows an artist or band on their climb to the top of the charts.

I am truly looking forward to analyzing the telenovela “Kassandra.” This telenovela combines the Cinderella romance with the historical romance.

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