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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gabriela meets all of the telenovela one episode

Gabriela, Giros del Destino has all of the elements of a telenovela. Within the first episode, the protagonist Gabriela had her professional skating rings dashed when the handsome Pablo runs her over. Afterwards, she has to find a job in order to help support her family. In the meantime, Pablo's rich father tells him that he must work in his juice factory in order to gain responsibility. Insert Cinderella cliche.

Of course, Gabriela does not know that Pablo has run her over and ruined her career. Pablo also finds himself surprised that his womanizing ways diminishing when he finds himself falling in love with Gabriela. About 7 episodes in, Gabriela and Pablo finally kiss. While I have not gotten to the episode where Gabriela finds out that Pablo is the one who ran her over, I know it will be explosive and dramatic.

One thing that I do have to say about this telenovela is that even though it does have the traditional elements of a telenovela. I have never heard of a series where a woman was a professional skater, yet alone a beautiful one. Another less glamourous aspect about the telenovela is the fact that they are working in Pablo's father's juice factory. However, even they make that look attractive.

Needless to say, yes I am hooked. I'm anticipating the spiraling drama that will occur when Gabriela finds out the truth about Pablo. I'm anticipating seeing what will happen when Gabriela and Pablo's family also get involved with the situation, as well. It will be good, I am sure.

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